Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Website Design

Website `hits` are visitors right?

Wrong. The term `hit` means a file request to a server irrespective of what that file is.

For instance, if we have a webpage with 5 photographs. That will produce 6 hits. 1 for the page and 1 each for the photographs.

If we have another page with 10 photos and a .gif animation, that will produce 12 hits. 1 for the page, 1 each for the photos and another hit for the animation.

In total this would be presented as 1 visitor, viewing 2 pages but clocking up 18 `hits`.

To get a much more accurate picture of the amount of `traffic` to a website you need to find out the number of actual pages (.htm,.php,.shtml etc) viewed along with the number of `distinct hosts` served.

Good hosting companies will be able to provide this data for you in an easy to understand format and free of charge. If they don`t, change hosts.

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